MEET 2017 WINNERS | Orange StartUp Cup Challenge Top 5

The Orange StartUp Cup Challenge Business Model Competition transforms lives! Meet the 2017 Winners.

FIRST PLACE WINNER | Bookra is a company that develops educational programs for kids especially Arabic from the age of 3 till 10 years old. Our mission is to develop rich Arabic educational content that helps the kids love and enjoy studying our Arabic educational curriculums. We want to make a positive difference in the lives of children and youth.. solution: The problem is that the children face difficulties when learning Arabic due to the lack of the rich Arabic content that competes with what the kids see in the western community. We solved the difficult equation, we produced the Arabic curriculums, with modern concepts and high artistic quality, which competes with the western market.

SECOND PLACE WINNER |UBER for Pet Services. o Connecting Pet care service providers & Pet Owners together. Guaranteeing a reliable service at Pet owner location. With Vetwork it’s extremely easy to care for your pet animals at your home, there’s no need anymore to take long trips to the vet or ask people if they know any vet that can perform an emergency visit. Solution: Problems That Vetwork Solves: 1- Not having time to get pets the veterinary medical care. 2- Not sure who are the good Vets. 3- No Vets in getaway locations like North coast for example. 4- Clients doesn’t know the seriousness of taking the pet to a clinic where they do not follow good infection control regimes. 5- Pets get the client’s car dirty with hair and vomiting. 6- Not being able to get a vet in emergencies.

THIRD PLACE WINNER| Widebot: Every couple of years, a trending technology comes by changing everything in your business and personal life, From Web to Mobile then the Chat Bots, the Bot Technology. It’s the process of chatting, but instead of one human texting another, he texts a software and using artificial intelligence, it’s just as real as having a normal conversation. WideBot is a Bot Builder Framework, our framework helps our users to build their own chatbot without any coding or technical background. Solution: WideBot is our big Framework, and our first product is called the Menu Maker. Menu Maker is not only a Chatbot builder, it’s a full solution that simulates food ordering process. MenuMaker changes the traditional food ordering process and creates a faster and much easier one.

FOURTH PLACE WINNER| Imaginators helps people to showcase their work online interactively and professionally. Using our drag & drop editor users can easily create, design, and customize work presentations and build their portfolio.. solution: The problems: 1. Only designers can do well-designed presentation. 2. Presentations are boring, static images only are not enough. 3. Creating presentations is not easy and takes too much time. The solutions: 1. Using Imaginators creator users can create and design presentation with our built-in tools. 2. Presentations can’t be only static images and text blocks. Now users can add animations, interactive content visualizing elements, and other interactions. 3. Now users can create presentation just by dragging and drop needed elements and customizing it within our creator (no need for software). 4. Users can publish their work on our platform and take the community feedback.

FIFTH PLACE WINNER |Mermaid is a platform connecting trusted professional cleaners with homeowners. Solution: Mermaid saves time for homeowners who need cleaning assistance, and create flexible jobs with flexible hours for cleaners.