The Orange StartUp Cup Challenge is a powerful business model competition open to any type of business idea in Cairo – Egypt. Sponsored by Orange Egypt, Orange is one of the most active and leading corporate Organizations in Egypt. As the leading mobile operator in Egypt, we believe that we have duties and responsibilities towards the society that we serve.

The Orange StartUp Cup Challenge is not easy. Only those businesses that are able to showcase progress continually growing their businesses advance through the StartUp Cup Challenge. Business builders who compete in the Orange StartUp Cup are rewarded for turning their idea into a viable business, taking an existing business to the next level, going to market quickly, generating revenue, building a team, and modifying their business model as they learn what drives customers and revenue. Business builders of the Orange StartUp Cup do not have to be experts at creating polished documents or accounting wizards. Instead, what they lack in experience, they make up for in passion and dedication to achieve their dream.

Orange the main sponsor of The Orange Startup Cup are passionate about seeing regular people realize their dreams by starting and building their own businesses.

The way startups are being built is rapidly changing. Today, entrepreneurs are rewarded for going to market fast, securing customers, and generating revenue as quickly as possible. As we like to say, “Generate revenue in hours. Not days, weeks or months.” Our focus is to facilitate this process and ultimately your success.

We believe that investing in the business leaders of today and tomorrow is vital for our long-term economic sustainability, that business builders are the hero’s of our time, fostering an increase in creativity, imagination, and innovation. The Orange StartUp Cup is a tribute to the dreamers, doers, and visionaries of our community.

Sponsored by Orange Egypt the leading telecommunication Company and powered by GriffinWorx , the Orange StartUp Cup Challenge is an innovative community-based initiative designed to increase the quality and quantity of entrepreneurs in any community.

The Orange StartUp Cup Challenge Business Model Competition is designed to foster entrepreneurship and an entrepreneurial spirit, grow jobs through startups, and increase awareness of the resources available to grow entrepreneurs. All winners will be selected on an objective basis as determined by the criteria set forth below. You must read and comply with these rules to enter the Orange StartUp Cup Challenge Business Model Competition.

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