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Our mentors have an 11 year track record of supporting new and existing business to design, test and build businesses that stand the test of time. You will gain new insights and be challenged by founders, business executives, entrepreneurs, bankers, consultants, accountants, and thought leaders focused on seeing you succeed. Are you ready to take your game to the next level?

Abdelhameed Sharara

Founder and CEO of RiseUp Summit

Mohamed Kholief

Digital Transformation Consultant, CIT Innovation, Entrepreneurship and Digital Transformation Program Director

Nezar Sami

Director, Professional Development – Nile University

Sebastian Rubatscher

Founder of Enpact e.v.

Ahmed Shoaib

Senior Manager, Corporate Governance & Executive Education. Corporate Governance Unit at The Egyptian Banking Institute

Zeinab Abdel Razek

Director International Cooperation and Donor Projects Unit The Egyptian Banking Institute

Walid Khalil

Partner at Endure Capital

Mohamed El Biesi

Innovation and Entrepreneurship Expert

Adel Zaki

Service Center Manager – Mobile Phones at Metra Group

Nahel Muhammad

Innovation Support Manager at Technology Innovation and Entrepreneurship Center (TIEC)

Mohamed Atef Hekal

Entrepreneurship specialist, GAFI, Ministry of Investment & Member at the Advisory Board of MSMEDA

Mohammad Omara

CTO at WIFI Metropolis LLC

Mohamed Neamatalla

CEO of BLOOMS Digital Marketing Agency

Mahmoud Abdel Moaty

CEO at The CodeLab

Marwa Sadek

Marketing Manager

Riham Abu Elinin

Founder & CEO of BznsCloud LLC.

Yasser El Zahhar

Founder & CEO of Gedety

Mohamed Elbadry

CEO KoraStats

Mohamed Shaban

Creator of, Cofounder of,

Hala Hattab

Lecturer at The British University in Egypt

Motaz kotb

Founder & Managing Director at CultArk

Amr Saleh

Co-founder & CEO Elkrem, Inc.

Mohamed Hossam Khedr

 Founder of Fatakat and CEO at Internet Plus

Tamer Ahmed

Opportunities creator and Cofounder of Qoudra

Mahmoud Ghoz

Scrum Coach / Product Manager at Parent ApS

Ahmed Khaled

CEO and Cofounder of Conative-labs

Ahmed Negm

Co-founder of Raye7

Hussein Momtaz

Co-founder & CEO at ShopX

Jailan Gamal El Din

Founder, Chief Innovation Officer at Team Academy Lab, Cairo

Muhammad Mansour

Business Development Manager @ ThePlanet, and Co-Founder of

Mostafa Zakaria

Cofounder & CTO Agile Business Modules

Ahmed Nagui Zaki

Co-founder & CEO at Rakna

Osama Shoaib

Planning and Operation Marketing at HMD Global

Abdelrahman Osama

Founder & UX Director at Simpleia UX Consultancy

Heba Sorour

Vice principal in Nile Egyptian Schools

Hossam Fahmy

Managing Partner at QtMatters Technologies

Ahmed Tohamy

CTO at RiseUp Co.

Nada Basset

Associate Professor Of Management chez New Giza University

Riham Adel

Founder & CEO “Job Nile” International Recruitment & HR Consultancy

Omar Sabaa

Managing Partner at Antakh – Beanbags and Alternative Furniture

Ashraf Elwy

Senior Manager Administration

Ahmed Reda

Founder & Managing Director NAS Trends

Mohamed Younis

Marketing Manager at Aqarmap

Ahmed Khalil

Sales manager at Oteena

Ahmed El-Maghraby

Chief Marketing Officer at Be Investments

Moatasem Kotb

CEO at Beinvestments

Heba Abd El Fattah

Program Manager at Ed.Ventures

Samira Negm

CEO and Founder of Raye7

Gehad Abdullah

Founder @ Mermaid –

Maged Farrag

Creative and Managing Director at 5dVR

Amr Fawzi

CEO & Co-Founder at GoodsMart

Ali Zewail

Founder at Chaino

Amr Abodraiaa

Navigator at Rology

Amr Sobhi

Strategy Execution Consultant at QNB Al-Ahli

Maged Ghoneima

Sr. VLSI Design Engineer at NVIDIA Corporation

Saif Edeen El Bendari

Head of Business Development at Falak Startups

Hanzada Abou Youssef

Impact Entrepreneurship Lead

Tarek Nasr

CEO of Mintrics & ThePlanet

Waleed Rashed

Founder & CEO at VOO

Mohamed Hafez 

Growth Hacking, and Digital Marketing Consultant

Emily Renny

Managing Director at Accept Payment Solutions

Omar Rabie

Advisor – Labour Market Access Project – GIZ